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Hanna Instruments GroLine products are designed with the hydroponics grower in mind. HI901W Automatic Titration System for Wine All-in-one titration solution made for wine. The HI901W Wine Titrator is perfect for winemakers who need accurate results, ease-of-use, and the ability to expand the system as their analytical needs grow. It comes preloaded with methods for wine analysis, and with Hanna, you get the support you need to run them perfectly in your lab. See page 4.30 HI981421 GroLine Hydroponics Monitor with inline multiparameter probe The HI981421 GroLine Monitor provides 24 hour continuous monitoring of pH, conductivity (EC or TDS), and temperature in hydroponic nutrients. Quick to setup and simple to use, this monitor was designed with Hydroponics, Aquaponics, and Greenhouses in mind. Make your nutrient solution easy to manage with the GroLine Monitor and combined pH/EC/Temperature probe. See page 1.44 | www.hannainst.com New xvi HI9564 · HI9565 Thermohygrometers with Dew Point and Calibration Data-Logging Probe HI9564 and HI9565 are portable thermohygrometers designed to measure temperature and Relative Humidity (RH). HI9565 presents the added advantage of being able to calculate the dew point from the temperature and RH. To ensure maximum protection against the effects of humidity and condensation, the instruments are housed in a rugged, water- resistant casing. See page 14.57 new products