HANNA® instruments Catálogo General v34

President’s Message January 2020 Dear Valued Customer: Our mission is to support you with any analytical measurements you perform. We understand you base important decisions on these measurements, so they must be accurate. Whether you are in surface finishing, water treatment, or food and beverage, the quality of your product is influenced by the quality of our instruments. Which is why we sincerely hope that you see us as a partner and not just a supplier of instrumentation. We are happy to share our expertise with electro-analytical measurements. We can guide you through product selections and their proper use so that you can have confidence that your results are the actual values. The foundation of our business is to create innovative instruments that are accurate, affordable, and intuitive to use. This philosophy contributes to our continued growth as a global leading manufacturer of electro-analytical instrumentation. With local offices in 46 countries, our worldwide network gives you greater access to product availability, support, and service. As your partner, we are only a phone call away for any questions or challenges that you might have. On behalf of Hanna worldwide, thank you for your continued and loyal support. Martino Nardo President, Hanna Instruments Catalog Contents Introduction 1 Testers and Monitors 2 pH 3 ISE 4 Titration 5 Conductivity 6 Dissolved Oxygen 7 Multiparameter 8 Magnetic Stirrers 9 Chemical Test Kits 10 Photometers 11 Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) 12 Turbidity 13 Refractometers 14 Temperature, RH, and Lux 15 Process Instrumentation 16 Glossary 17 Technical Tables 18 Product Code Index 19 Alphabetical Index Inside back cover: Warranty and Returns